Our Vision

"Provision of outstanding service to the

people in the area through public service

enriched with utmost qualitative and positive thinking"


Our Mission

"Service provision, resource co-ordination in

pursuant to state policies and uplifting living

conditions of people in the area through an efficient,

sustainable, planned development process."


History of Wennappuwa Divisional Secretariat

            The Wennappuwa Divisional Secretary division is situated on the southern part of Puttalam district in the North Western province of Sri Lanka. The village of Wennappuwa, in extent of 4014.76 hectares lying on a flat area is situated to the close of beach. The main town of here is Wennappuwa.The Wennappuwa Divisional Secretary area is bounded on the North by the boundary of Nattandiya Divisional secretary division, on the East by the Dankotuwa Divisional Secretary division, on south by the “Ma Oya” and the district boundary of Gampaha and by West with the Indian ocean.

Stating its geographical location is bounded by North latitude 7º x 20, of 36.63” and East latitude 79° x 50 of 26.25”.For the administration purposes, the Wennappuwa Divisional Secretary division is divided into 52 GS divisions.

The ordinary rainfall in the Wennappuwa Divisional Secretary division is more than 1400 mm per year. The “Gin” Oya which had been used for freight transport in the past is flown across the division and the “Paru” or Hamilton canal too makes its way along with Gin Oya. There are about 10 tanks are in the division and all that tanks except “Gorakagaha” tank in Wennappuwa and Kulama tank in Mirissankotuwa in extent of less than 3 hectares are filled with water all throughout the year.

The water level of earth in low lying areas of the division is around 8-10 feet and water level in high lying areas with Podisolic soil could be found at 35-40 feet. Certain wells situated in high lying areas go dry in the months of February, March, August, considered dry weathered season.The soil in the Wennappuwa division finds specialty in its form. Here, the sandy soil could be found in areas extending up to around 200 – 300 meters from the Maha Oya to the northern end of beach. A clay watery soil is seen in areas starting from northern part of Maha Oya on coastal line up to Nainamadama. A brand of soil named Rogosal, deep lome is found on the stretch starting from beach up to East (Mahawewa) extending from 3 KM to 4. This type of soil is found rarely and considered as a soil resource.

Historical background

There are many legends lying behind naming this village – Wennappuwa. One such reveals that name of Wennappuwa had derived by a Wanniar who lived in the area. Accordingly, area where the said Wanniar was lived had transformed in to “Wennappura” and later as Wennappuwa.

Another shade of opinion goes on that the name of Wennappuwa had been named with the meaning of Wishnu Devalaya. The north eastern end of the fed area of Gin river called “Kimbulgala” through which the “Gin Oya” heading across is considered to have a shrine for God Wishnu and area reserved for God Wishnu to call as “Wishnu Puraya” or else as Wenupura. Or else, the name given to God Wishnu in Tamil – Wennarpuram had developed in to “Wennapoor” and later had transformed in to Wennappuwa.

The third shade of opinion revolves round its name is of residence of Chieftain in the area named “Waruna” leading the name of the area to call as “Warna pura”, renamed on later stages as “Wennappura” and also as “Wennappuwa”.

The fourth opinion on the name held by is Wannamponnai, a follower of a Tamil chieftain had been lived in Wennappuwa who had named it so by himself.Though various opinions on the name of Wennappuwa is on record, ruins of age old palace and a pool could be seen at a place called “Pathahawatta” in the central part of Wennappuwa.


Economic background of the Divisional Secretary division, Wennappuwa

The tile and brick making industry have earned first place among other industries carried out with own resources found within the Division mobilizing its march towards semi urbanization, industrialism and commercialism. Accordingly, tile industry is maintained in the form of both big scale and small scale factories. There are 14 large scale tile factories and 35 small & medium scale tile factories which had earned a name in the country for its produces.

Moreover, coir products, coconut toddy products, desiccated coconut, coconut oil, Copra, coconut char coal related with coconut tree has become powerful pillars of economic background in the area. Among such products, coir and coir dust industry has come to the top as they found a lucrative export market of the day. Those industries have become an economic boosters bringing in much needed foreign exchange in to our country.

As well, as our area lies on coastal line, the fishing industry has become the major livelihood of fisher folk. As such, a large number of citizens are engaged in that industry. The business interests in the area are thrived in tourism centering on coast on which tourist accommodations such as hotels, guest houses and holiday resorts have put up on the coastal line.

In addition, migrating of people in our area for employments could be seen widely at present. Migrating to Middle East countries as well as European countries by way of individual and families irrespective of their sex is commonly seen. Due to that development the income level of people have been drastically improved which could be termed as a main source of foreign exchange. This has led to establish large number of insurance, banking, financial institutes in the Wennappuwa city drawing large crowds to it and creating employment opportunities. By the year2010, a large population of 78038 are seen on a land stretch of 15 square miles.

Access Way

The main access way to the Wennappuwa Divisional Secretariat is the Colombo-Chilaw main road.

One come across the “Ma Oya” bridge at one end of the Western province just passing the Kochchikade town in reaching along Chilaw road from Colombo. The end of the said bridge marks the starting point of the North Western province. From this point, one could reach the Wennappuwa bus stand by traveling along the Colombo-Chilaw for around 8.5 K.M . and 100 meters from there on the left hand is situated the Divisional Secretariat, Wennappuwa.

In addition, the Wennappuwa Divisional Secretariat could be easily reached by coming through the Colombo-Kuliyapitiya road (through the Dankotuwa Divisional Secretary division) up to the Kirimetiyana Junction and proceeding from there along the Wennappuwa road around 5.5 kms.

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