Right to information


                                      Knowing your information is your basic right                         

        Act No. 12 of 2016 Information Rights Act 

You have the right to receive information.

While the Assistant Divisional Secretary functions as Information Officer.

Divisional secretary will act as the appeal officer.


 Information Officer - Assistant Divisional Secretary

Telephone No - 031-5679172

            Applications to be Submitted-  RTI 1  Submitting the application for information


Appeal Officer - Divisional Secretary

 Telephone No - 031-5679171

       Applications to be Submitted-  RTI 10 Application for Appeal Application


                                                                           Act No. 12 of 2016 Information Rights Act   (PDF - 144KB)

              To get information  RTI 01 (English), (Sinhala), (Tamil)                

For appeals  RTI 10 (English), (Sinhala), (Tamil)


Progress For 2018 to 2020-01-23   (Sinhala),





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